THE BOOK: Overview

It’s True – "You’re Addicted to You"

How many times have you caught yourself doing something that you knew you shouldn’t be doing, like eating an extra piece of cake, acting defensive when you knew you were wrong, or beating yourself up for something insignificant?

You swore the last time was the last time... but it turns out it wasn’t. Why?

It’s not a lack of willpower. The real problem is that we’re so thoroughly conditioned to act in our old negative ways, even though we know they’re harmful. In fact, the hold these behaviors have on us is so strong that they are essentially like addictions. And over time they’ve become so deeply ingrained that, like it or not, they have become a part of us. In a very real sense we’re addicted to ourselves.

But self-addiction can be broken. You’re Addicted to You shows you how.

Imagine if you could change any behavior. You would –

HAVE BETTER RELATIONSHIPS – You would be able to adapt your behavior to others and avoid repeating behaviors that strain relationships.

BE BETTER AT WORK AND AT HOME – You would be able to implement the lessons you learn about leadership or parenting, marriage or management.

BE HAPPIER – You would be able to eliminate the behaviors that cause you stress and develop new behaviors that energize and motivate you.

What is the change you would most like to make to yourself – the one that would make you a better parent, spouse, leader, worker, or friend? Or is there a change that would simply make you happier with yourself?

You’re Addicted to You provides the system that will enable you to make that change a reality.

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