The Leading Principles executive leadership training program consists of targeted workshops specifically designed to build your leadership capabilities.

Our workshops promote ownership of powerful methods by utilizing interactive exercises in which you absorb the material by applying it to your own challenges. You will learn how to incorporate coaching methods into your skill set as you apply these principles to your fellow participants. The results of this executive leadership training program are noticeable the very day you return!

You can benefit from the following workshops currently being offered:

Build Strength to Change

We’ve all read brilliant books and attended phenomenal training programs and left perfectly valuable lessons behind. This doesn’t happen because we don’t want to change. The fact is our old routines have a tremendous hold on us. Don’t let the valuable lessons in your life go to waste. In this workshop you will learn a method you can use for any change to make the change and sustain it over time.

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Coaching for Leadership Excellence

Top performers at every level and in every walk of life use coaches to motivate them, broaden their perspectives, discover new solutions, and challenge them to achieve higher goals. When managers and leaders throughout an organization apply the skills of professional coaches they create a culture of open-mindedness, camaraderie, trust and high performance. This workshop will prepare participants to use coaching skills to bring the best out in their teams and organizations.

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