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One of the most widespread systems for effective change, Alcoholics Anonymous recommends three action steps to new members:

  • Stop drinking
  • Go to meetings
  • Change your whole life

Of course, if you are an alcoholic then giving up drinking can certainly change your whole life. But what if your challenge is something like perfectionism, procrastination, negative thinking, or being overly critical?

I think the implications for your life are also dramatic.

What if every time you said to yourself, “Hey, I wish I was like that,” you could actually make it happen?

Imagine the implications if you had a system that would allow you to:

  • Identify important changes in your life
  • Make the changes and then
  • Sustain them over time

You would become a better spouse, parent, worker, and leader. You could change your whole life. That’s exactly what is at stake, and what You’re Addicted to You helps you accomplish.

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Here’s what experts in Psychology, Executive Coaching, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior are saying about You’re Addicted to You.

Anyone with a strong desire to make a change of any kind will benefit from this book. Easy to read and practical, it provides a chronology of steps anyone can take to make change happen, be it personal or professional. Your first step should be to read this book!”

— Sidney Chapon, Vice President/Director, Leadership & Organizational Development, Leo Burnett Worldwide

In Blumenthal’s knowledgeable and realistic approach to personal transformation you will discover something we all need, but very few of us are actually able to achieve: successful and sustainable change.”

— W. Warner Burke, PhD, Edward Lee Thorndike Professor of Psychology & Education, Chair, Department of Organization and Leadership, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

For the person who wants to change but can’t seem to make it happen, this is a must-read book. In my thirty years of coaching and counseling, I have never seen such a fresh and practical approach. The perspective and tools will enable you to turn personal intention into productive reality.”

— Ross Tartell, PhD, Director Team Leader, Pfizer Inc

Through examples that will have you nodding your head as you recognize yourself, You’re Addicted to You shines a light on common self-addictions and helps you identify your own. Blumenthal’s realistic, systems approach for tackling personal and professional change can help you get started on a new quest or sustain changes already underway.”

— Tammy J. Winnie, Director, Global Organization Effectiveness, Kellogg Company

My life’s work has been helping people overcome self-reinforcing and self-defeating behaviors. Noah Blumenthal understands how to do this and after reading this book you will too.”

— James O. Prochaska, PhD, author of Changing for Good

In this engaging and informed guide to enhancing self-awareness and personal growth, Noah Blumenthal helps us to find effective pathways to change. You will recognize many people in his examples, most importantly, yourself. And you’ll start to apply what you learn before day’s end. Blumenthal will get you going. Beyond that, as he makes clear, anything is possible… it’s up to you.”

— Joseph G. Cunningham, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Brandeis University

With all the attention our culture invests in advice for every kind of personal change—from weight loss to leadership style—it’s striking how little genuine wisdom we have for how to change once we’ve identified what to change. In You’re Addicted to You, Noah Blumenthal offers concrete, effective strategies for finding traction to change where change has eluded you before.”

— Keith Allred, Faculty Member, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and Founder,

Noah Blumenthal has created a simple, yet powerful means for effecting personal change. In an era where everything is supposed to be quicker and more automated, it is refreshing to find an approach that both honors the struggle we all face and acknowledges the time needed to make real, lasting changes to our behavior.”

— Ethan Schutz, President, Business Consultants Network

Noah Blumenthal has crafted a book for self-improvement that seems to have been personally written for each of its readers. It is an excellent guide toward the achievement of a happy life and the rediscovery of the divinity that resides in all of us. I am excited for the life-affirming opportunities that this approach can bring to my work and to my home.”

— Rabbi Mark Covitz, Congregation Beth Yam, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Anyone who has tried to change knows how difficult it can be. Noah Blumenthal provides not only a voice of encouragement and optimism, but provides concrete tools we can use immediately to transform the lead of present circumstances into future gold.”

— Karlin Sloan, CEO, Karlin Sloan & Company

You’re Addicted to You addresses a problem familiar to the diverse worlds of health psychology, organizational change, and individual counseling: how does one facilitate real behavior change, change which endures for more than a very brief time? Noah presents the possibility of change using straightforward language, helpful examples, assessment tools, and homework.”

— Kathleen M Schiaffino, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Fordham University

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