For a Keynote Speaker, 2 Out of 3 Isn’t Enough

Most professional keynote speakers have two things going for them: energy and motivation. The participants leave feeling excited about the event, but what happens next?

To be great, a keynote needs the third element of action. Many professional keynote speakers provide energy and insights without practical tools for translating entertainment into concrete action. After the laughter dies down, the participants are left exactly where they started – with little chance of implementing the lessons that they learned.

A professional keynote speaker should be capable of energizing a crowd, while also delivering steps they can take to assure that they will benefit from and act on what they have learned.

Why Noah Blumenthal?

Noah Blumenthal’s keynote speech, based on his book You’re Addicted to You: Why It’s So Hard to Change and What You Can Do About It, has received widespread acclaim because he is both energizing and motivating. Through humorous stories that everyone can relate to, Noah conveys why people fail to change, regularly snapping back to their old habits and routines. Then he helps his audience identify a powerful positive change that they wish to make.

If that was where he left off, he would fail his responsibility as a professional keynote speaker. Noah adds the final ingredient of action by offering specific tools that participants can use to make their desired changes into reality.

Make it last

When your event requires a professional keynote speaker, Noah Blumenthal delivers the energy, motivation AND action that will make your event both memorable and productive. We invite you to contact us today to inquire about scheduling.