ABOUT: Our People

At Leading Principles we are dedicated to creating high impact relationships with our clients. We bring years of experience as coaches along with the skills necessary to expand your thinking and improve your performance.

Meet our team:

Noah Blumenthal | Mike Jaffe | Suzanne Levy | Lorin Gold

Mike Jaffe

Mike Jaffe combines a solid business background with a motivational style that ensures clients clarify their goals and achieve successful results. With more than 12 years of coaching and mentoring executives and corporate teams, Mike brings a wealth of experience, and powerful insight to your company as a business and personal leadership coach, keynote speaker, workshop leader and nationally published writer.

When Mike worked as a Global Marketing Specialist at the top of the World Trade Center, one morning he decided to have breakfast with his daughter and take a later train. The day was September 11, 2001 and this choice saved his life. The rest of his business team and many more colleagues and friends were not as fortunate. The events of that tragic day served as a shocking wake up call, leading Mike towards his calling to inspire and guide others in creating possibility in their own lives and businesses without wasting another precious day.

Now Mike serves as a Human WakeUp Call™ for others using his unique approach and rare insight to empower his clients to break free of their complacency, limiting beliefs and inactivity. He pushes them to overcome the challenges that inevitably arise, to stay focused and reach their goals.

An energetic and passionate professional, Mike has provided motivational speaking presentations to corporate and academic audiences, as well as community and nonprofit groups. Mike received his MBA in Management and Marketing from New York University and his BBA in Management and Finance from SUNY Albany.

Mike’s career has included business strategy and planning, new product development, client retention and loyalty, and product launch and support, for major global players such as American Express, Marsh & McLennan, and JP Morgan Chase. His strong client orientation and entrepreneurial drive has been demonstrated as an international consultant, a customer loyalty leader, and as a founder of two independent small business startups. He is also a popular guest lecturer for New York University.

Mike is ready to bolster your company by providing your top executives with a powerful, success-oriented wake up call of their own.

Michael is a true coach; he listens, he guides, and he makes it simple. He has been a great inspiration and a valuable advisor to me. Michael lives his life with appreciation for simple and meaningful things and has helped me view life’s challenges in similar fashion. His high energy is very contagious and his straight forwardness is very revealing."

Rafi Shikoh
Editor, Founder of Dinar Standard™