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At Leading Principles we are dedicated to creating high impact relationships with our clients. We bring years of experience as coaches along with the skills necessary to expand your thinking and improve your performance.

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Lorin Gold

Lorin Gold is an executive coach, organizational development consultant and facilitator. She excels at helping leaders and entrepreneurs hone their vision, articulate their goals and capitalize on their strengths to achieve measurable business results. Lorin brings broad experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit worlds to her coaching, enabling her to help people keep focused on bottom line business results while improving their own personal effectiveness.

Lorin developed extensive coaching and consulting expertise as an internal performance consultant at UBS Financial Services. Working with the top 2% of financial advisors in the firm, branch managers and executives throughout the U.S., she coached team leaders and designed and implemented customized consultations to high performance teams focused on leadership development, change management, business strategy, communication, client service, and conflict resolution. Her clients achieved 19% higher revenue growth and 9% higher asset growth than the firm’s average.

Through her leadership and management experience, Lorin brings an executive perspective and understanding to her work. As Director of Global Leadership Programs at Metro International, a New York based not-for-profit organization, she created and established start up programs, directed staff, recruited and motivated volunteers to spend copious amounts of time, energy and expertise, and managed day to day operations. While funding was often limited, her challenge was to use creative problem solving to utilize other resources and channel people’s energy effectively. These programs are now recognized and lauded by the United Nations, the Soros Foundation, the Fulbright Association, as well as the New York City education system.

Lorin holds a Masters in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

I engaged Lorin Gold to coach me at a turning point in my career. She is a kind and dynamic combination of understanding, skills and hard-nosed business acumen. She gently kept my feet to the fire and celebrated my successes. Her tools and insight helped me face and dissolve inner resistance. Her ability to track my progress, week after week, built in me the skills I needed to stay on my path."

Rev. Heather Roan Robbins, Author/Counselor
Dean of The New Seminary