MEDIA: Company Backgrounder


Founded in 2003 by Noah Blumenthal, Leading Principles, Inc. is an executive coaching and consulting company that specializes in helping its clients discover fresh perspectives so they can make better decisions and achieve optimum performance. With over a decade of experience counseling Fortune 500 companies, top universities, and not-for-profits—such as MetLife, Bank of America, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Leo Burnett, First Energy Corp, New School University, and Fairfield University—Mr. Blumenthal and the experienced coaches at Leading Principles help their clients expand their thinking and attain meaningful career and life goals.

Mr. Blumenthal is guided by the powerful belief that people are better than their actions and can be happier than they are. This enabling philosophy, at the heart of the Leading Principles training, is incorporated into the company’s proven coaching system that encourages its clients to make necessary, and oftentimes, difficult changes. These methods for successfully effecting change are clearly explained in Mr. Blumenthal’s hugely accessible new book, You’re Addicted to You: Why It’s So Hard to Change—and What You Can Do About It (Berrett-Koehler Publishers; April 2007).

Leading Principles offers a variety of engaging and interactive programs such as coaching, keynote speaking, workshops and team development retreats. By asking questions that challenge assumptions, the company helps individuals realize the best in themselves and empowers them to become more confident, energized, and productive in their work.

The coaches at Leading Principles have consulted to thousands of line, management and executive teams and helped thousands of team leaders change their behaviors to increase their performance level. The company has also trained new and seasoned coaches, HR leaders, executives and managers in the art of coaching.