Coaching for Leadership Excellence

Use the power of coaching skills to increase the effectiveness of your leadership style. This pragmatic and highly interactive executive leadership training program guides leaders, managers and teams to use the power of coaching to build and strengthen partnerships in the workplace. It provides you with the skills to interact with co-workers in a way that will motivate action, drive out fear, and create lasting bonds, resulting in more efficient communications, better teamwork and stronger alignment around shared goals and objectives.


Increased mastery of fundamental coaching skills like listening, questioning, facilitation and communication enable you to:

  • Instill a culture of trust, partnership and respect
  • Increase dialogue and constructive feedback
  • Anticipate and resolve conflicts
  • Align personal motivation with work goals
  • Achieve better performance through inquisitiveness and collaboration while being less controlling and directive
  • Establish a clear vision and well-defined goals up front
  • Create ownership of and accountability to roles, expectations and performance
  • Assess the most effective approach to business and interpersonal challenges

When your company is ready to create an environment where team members understand each other’s perspectives, leverage each other’s strengths and support each other’s successes, contact us to learn more about this transformational executive leadership training program.