Build Strength to Change

We have all read brilliant books or attended phenomenal training and left valuable lessons behind. The challenge is even when we know what we want to change we don’t know how to make and sustain these changes.

This workshop provides a system that you can use each time you discover a change you would like to make and hold onto it for good. Anyone can apply this system to change your approach to business, communication or relationships. Managers and leaders who attend this executive leadership training program can easily apply this system to develop people in their organization.


Mastering a system for change enables participants to:

  • Accelerate their professional development in all areas
  • Adjust to environmental changes in their business
  • Alter their approach to succeed with a variety of different clients
  • Incorporate feedback more quickly and effectively into their normal working behaviors
  • Support others in making difficult changes
  • Reduce stress in environments of rapid change
  • Develop a culture of mutual support and personal development and transformation

Learn how you and your company can master the process for change first outlined in our book, You’re Addicted to You. To learn more about this highly effective program, contact us today.