ABOUT: Our Company

Leading Principles, Inc. is a boutique coaching and consulting firm specializing in leadership development consulting that produces exceptional leaders and teams. We work with you and your teams when you find yourself stuck in patterns of thought and behavior that make it difficult to see and take advantage of arising opportunities.

All of our services are driven by the same leading principle:

Fresh Perspective Leads to Better Decisions

We ask pointed questions that challenge your assumptions and help you find better solutions. To do so we place the highest value on finding and capitalizing on your strengths and those of your organization. This powerful interaction takes place through four avenues:

Clients who benefit from our leadership development consulting include Fortune 500 companies, universities and not-for-profit organizations. We serve clients in financial services, consumer products, energy, professional services, technology, advertising, pharmaceuticals, and more.

We invite you to explore how our leadership development consulting methods will compliment your organizational needs by learning more about our people, our philosophy and our clients.